Smart Terminal

Simple data sheet

Payment system Standalone
Payment gateway
Payment terminals – Verifone: v240m, v200c
– Ingenico: Move 5000, Desk 5000
Payment scenarios – From vendor tablets


SmartTerminal is intended for scenarios where the sales assistants in the store offer nomad payments to their customers via a payment terminal associated with a tablet.

Based on the traditional payment terminals provided by Verifone and Ingenico, it provides the standard CB payment methods for standalone payment systems, associated with two different types of integrations to deal with merchant needs (via a ready-to-use API or a SDK to integrate in a custom Android/iOS app).

Supported payment methods

Please consult the dedicated page to get the list of all the payment methods that are supported.


Two different types of integration are available for standalone payment terminals:
Cloud API: a REST API with the possibility to collect information about the purchase/order (like the customer information, its basket content, etc.)
Tablet connector: two SDK developed for Android and iOS operating systems
For additional information about each integration, please consult the dedicated pages.