SFCC Integration

The HiPay integration cartridge is compatible with the latest Salesforce Commerce Cloud API version, currently 19.10 and the Storefront Reference Architecture version 4.4.1.  It might require updates and reviews for future versions and releases of the Storefront Reference Architecture. 

Make sure you already have the a configured HiPay account before installing the module.


Install the “int_hipay_sfra”, “bm_hipay_controllers” cartridges from the distributive zip-archive in the standard way using the Salesforce Commerce Cloud UX-studio.

Metadata Import

Open the folder ‘metadata’ in the installation package. Please review the ‘site_template_sfra’ folder, do the necessary modifications if required:

      • Rename the “RefArchGlobal” folder (under the site_template_sfra/sites folder) to the ID of your site.
      • In the file “jobs.xml”, change the “RefArchGlobal” in the markups <context site-id=“RefArchGlobal”/> to the ID of your site.
      • In the file “services.xml”, change the “RefArchGlobal” in the markups <service service-id=“hipay.rest.*.RefArchGlobal”> to the ID of your site.
      • If you don’t need ‘pin-price-lists.xml’ with pricebook, you may just remove this file and the ‘pricebooks’ folder.

For multiple sites integration, you will also need to repeat these steps for each site.

Then, archive the ‘site_template_sfra’ folder into a file named site_template_sfra.zip.

Before importing the ‘site-template_sfra.zip’, check and save the cartridge paths of your site and Business Manager, because these will be modified. By saving them elsewhere you will be able to configure them manually if something goes wrong. Also, check the fields which will be updated after importing the file ‘site-template_sfra.zip’ and be sure that there will be no conflict with any existing fields.

Finally, import it through BM Administration > Site Development > Site Import & Export section: Browse your local file and click “Upload”, then select it and click “Import” and confirm the import by clicking “OK”. The import lasts a few minutes only.