Online to inStore (Nepting)

Simple data sheet

Payment system Centralized
Payment gateway
Payment terminals – PAX Android
– PAX Prolin (Linux)
Payment scenarios – Manually initiated
– From POS cash register systems
– From vendor tablets
– Self service payment stations


Online to inStore is our major offer for in-store payments.
Mainly based on Android payment terminals, it provides the most complete list of payment scenarios and payment methods for centralized payment systems, associated with a large set of integrations to deal with merchant needs.

Supported payment methods

Please consult the dedicated page to get the list of all the payment methods that are supported.


Several integrations are available for Android-based payment terminals.
All of them rely on a dedicated Android application we developed, to act as a communication gateway with the Nepting payment gateway, via their own Android app.

Our Android application, named “HiPay POS”, offers several interaction points:
– A payment form, allowing merchants to initiate payments by typing the payment information
– Cloud API: a REST API with the possibility to collect information about the purchase/order (like the customer information, its basket content, etc.)
– Local API: an API build for dead zone (nomadic usages) or vendor tablet scenarios

In addition to all these interaction facilities, we also provide a Cegid Y2 connector to ease the deployment of our offer for those who are equipped with this POS cash register systems.

For additional information about each integration, please consult the dedicated pages.