KYC – Notifications

In order to inform you of events related to KYC/KYB document validation, the HiPay platform can send your application a server-to-server notification.

To set your notification URL, please submit a request to our Support team (specifying HiPay Marketplace).

Response fields  

Field nameDescription
md5contentSHA1 encoding of the field
operationName of the notification (document_validation)

– ok: the document is validated

– nok: the document is not validated

messageDescription of the status
dateDate of the notification (YYYY-MM-DD)
timeTime of the notification (HH:MM:SS Time zone)

Type of KYC/KYB document

(please see here for a detailed description)

document_type_labelDescription of the document (please see here for a detailed description)
account_idHiPay account ID for which the KYC/KYB was uploaded

Callback messages  

Please find hereafter the various reasons for refusal provided by notification.

Invalid date
Missing data
Inconsistency: {personalized-msg}
Not verified: missing document
Invalid document type
Front missing
Supplier outside the scope
Bank outside the scope
Invalid Address

Response example  

Example of a KYC/KYB document notification in XML format 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <message>Not a proof of address</message>
      <time>16:39:42 Europe/Paris+0200</time>
      <document_type_label>Proof of address</document_type_label>