Point of Sale – Overview

The HiPay Enterprise platform centralizes payment management both for your online and physical stores. The HiPay Gateway allows you to process payments from your online store as well as to initialize transactions on in-store payment terminals, through one single platform.

Your can use our POS integration in combination with our acquirer integration to get an end-to-end view over your transactions’ lifecycle -including reconciliation-, and fully leverage your Point of Sale transactions data. 

To get a better understanding of HiPay’s omnichannel solutions, we recommend you to visit the dedicated pages on our corporate website.

For more information about standard e-commerce processing of payment transactions, please check our online payments documentation.

Point of Sale Solutions

Charging your customers and managing transactions on physical payment terminals follow the same workflow as processing e-commerce transactions. In-store transactions are registered as payment transactions in the same platform, with basically the same behavior as e-commerce transactions.

To use HiPay’s Point of Sale, you can integrate one of the following  solutions, depending on your in-store payment ecosystem.


This integration allows you to automatically drive the POS device actions by integrating our OMNICHANNEL SDK.

Advantages of this solution:

      • Especially suited to process POS transactions on standalone terminals
      • Works with no or degraded internet connection
      • Easier to integrate for new starters without existing API integration

Supported environments: 

      • Android and iOS


The HiPay Enterprise Gateway makes publicly available its omnichannel order API, which allows you to:

Advantages of this solution: 

      • Suited to collect and reconcile transactions processed through centralised payment systems
      • Enables store-to-web scenarios e.g. completing a purchase made in a physical store with items ordered from your online store 
      • Environment agnostic
      • Easier to integrate if your system is already integrated with the HiPay Enterprise Gateway for e-commerce payments, as you may re-use or refactor your integration and leverage it for omnichannel purposes

Provisioning payment terminals  

To be able to initialize transactions on payment terminals through HiPay’s platform, you need to get provisioned payment terminals from HiPay. Depending on your needs, you can get such terminals in different ways:

      • Payment terminals configured with the proper HiPay software can be shipped directly from our partners network
      • Your existing payment terminals can be updated by your fleet maintainer in order to embed the HiPay POS software

Please submit a request on our Support Center to get provisioned payment terminals.